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Kevlar yarns.
Woven Kevlar.

"Special shears are required to cut Kevlar fabrics and tapes. These shears are designed to hold the fabric securely as the cutting blade does its job. If you look at these shear blades closely, you'll notice that there are serrations on the 'holding' edge and a sharp edge on the cutter. These shears are a specialty item and are therefore somewhat expensive, but they are well worth the price in reduced aggravation and improved results. Don't try to cut Kevlar without them." Composite Materials Handbook - M.M. Schwartz

“Composites can be difficult to cut, even when uncured. Some considerations that should be addressed include the possibility of temperature control so that the prepreg materials do not prematurely cure, the need to clean the cutting tools, handling issues, clean room considerations, and precision cutting at particular angles for maximum mechanical performance in the finished part. When cutting aramid fibers, some special problems are encountered because of the toughness of the material. Hence, test cuts should be performed before a new cutter system is purchased. "Cutting Composites" - A. Brent Strong, Brigham Young University

Kai 7000 Series Shears

The 7000 series High-Carbon stainless steel shears

have an extra-long edge life and superior cutting efficiency.”

For Fiberglas™, Dyneema™, Kevlar™,
 Spectra™, Vectran™, Twaron®, Laminates & Similar Engineered Materials

KAI 7250 10" shears. Very hard blades.
Solid steel construction.

Avoid injury.
Blunted safety tips.

Tailors Pattern. For multiple plies, heavy, thick or dense materials.
7300 Shears. Pointed tips. 11¾" x 5¼" cut. $92.65
7300S Serrated integral bade. $106.70
7300DS Both blades serrated. $107.90
7300B Blunted tips. $105.45
7300SB Serrated integral blade. $107.20
7300DSB Both blades serrated.$108.95
7280 Shears. Pointed tips. 11" x 3¾" cut.$75.30
7280S Serrated integral bade. $89.25
7280DS Both blades serrated.$90.45
7280B Blunted tips. $87.95
7280SB Serrated integral blade. $89.45
7280DSB Both blades serrated.$91.00
7250 Shears. Pointed tips. 9¾" x 3¾" cut.$71.70
7250S Serrated integral blade. $82.45
7250DS Both blades serrated.$83.75
7250B Blunted tips. $81.75
7250SB Serrated integral blade. $83.00
7250DSB Both blades serrated. $84.25

7250L Shears. Pointed tips. 9¾" x 3" cut.$82.95
7250LS Serrated integral blade. $96.80
7250LDS Both blades serrated.$98.10
7250LB Blunted tips. $95.90
7250LSB Serrated integral blade. $97.25
7250LDSB Both blades serrated. $98.45

KAI 9" safety tips model 7230SB.
Serrated integral blade.

Model 7230B serrated integral blade.
Provides firm grip on slippery synthetics.

7230 Shears. Pointed tips. 9" x 3¾" cut.$61.75
7230S Serrated integral blade.$68.25
7230DS Both blades serrated.$69.00
7230B Blunted tips.$67.80
7230SB Blunted tips. Serrated integral blade.$68.55
7230DSB Both blades serrated.$69.35

KAI 7205 8" bent trimmers.
Rockwell hardness C60.

7205 Shears. Pointed tips. 8" x 3" cut. $55.15
7205S Serrated integral blade. $63.50
7205DS Both blades serrated$64.65
7205B Blunted tips. $62.90
7205SB Blunted tips. Serrated integral blade. $64.25
7205DSB Both blades serrated. $65.40




                          SPRING OPERATED POWER SHEARS 



Kai COB 180 Spring operated power shears. Serrated blade cuts Kevlar, etc. 7" x 1¾" $26.55 CLOSEOUT


Kai COB 240 Spring operated power shears. Serrated blade cuts Kevlar, etc. 9½" x 3" $30.70 CLOSEOUT

                 Clauss High-stress shears cut multiple plies of Kevlar!   
                                      Best choice for small shears guaranteed 
                                      to slice through difficult to cut materials.

Leverage and power.
Large comfortable handles.

* Blades made of high carbon stainless steel alloy with added molybdenum and vanadium and thoroughly hardened to Rockwell 60HRC.

* Correctly adjusted to cut multiple plies of Kevlar, composites, carbon, glass and similar tough materials from pivot to tip.

* Large, durable ergonomic cushion grip handles for control and comfort.

Ambidextrous! Use with either right or left hand.

* Tension adjusting pivot screw. 8" x 2½" cut.

Micro-serrated blade edges.
Firmly grip and cut Kevlar.

Standard Models. Both blade edges serrated for a firm grip on the slipperiest materials. For proper reconditioning of worn corrugations, shears should be returned to us. 
18425 Pointed tips.$22.05 
18425B Blunted safety tips.$23.15

Modified Models. One keen blade edge and one serrated blade edge. Allows convenient sharpening of worn cutting blade. 
18425AS Pointed tips.$23.10
18425ASBBlunted safety tips.  $24.20


            New! Clauss 57HRC ExtremEdge V² Carbo Ti Shears 
                     Perform as well as shears costing 4X the price! 

* Carbonic titanium bonded stainless steel knife edge blades, 10X harder than ordinary stainless for extremely long life.

* Large, high-leverage ergonomic glass-filled Nylon handles for greater control and comfort.

* Hex key for adjusting tension, especially useful for hard to cut materials.

* Select for burlap, leather, linoleum, carpet and laminates as well a Kevlar and composites.


18523 Pointed tip. 8" x 3" cut.  $10.40
18523B Blunted safety tip.$11.50
18523S Serrated integral blade.$11.75
18523SB Serrated and blunted$12.10
18523DS Both blades serrated.$12.10
18523DSB Both serrated, blunted$12.75


18524 Pointed tip. 9" x 4" cut. 


18524B Blunted safety tip.$14.15
18524S Serrated integral blade.$14.60
18524SB Serrated and blunted$14.95
18524DS Both blades serrated.$15.35
18524DSB Both serrated, blunted$15.75


18659 Pointed tip. 10" x 4¾ " cut.  $13.80
18659B Blunted safety tip.$15.05
18659S Serrated integral blade.$15.50
18659SB Serrated and blunted.$15.85
18659DS Both blades serrated$16.30
18659DSB Both serrated, blunted$16.65


18527 Pointed tip. 11" x 5½"  cut.  $15.00
18527B Blunted safety tip.$16.40
18527S Serrated integral blade.$16.80
18527SB Serrated and blunted.$17.20
18527DS Both blades serrated$17.60
18527DSB Both serrated, blunted$17.95

                           Titanium Bonded Spring Assist Shears

Reduce fatigue and risk of injury from repeated cutting tasks. Blades are 3X stronger than ordinary stainless steel and resistant to corrosion. Bonding titanium to stainless steel results in a sharper, more durable and longer lasting edge. These superior properties make it the choice when quality and performance count. Comfortable non-slip soft handles.


18691 9" x 4" cut.  $14.55
18691B Blunted tips$15.65
18691S Serrated integral blade.$16.10
18691SB Serrated and blunted.$16.40


If you are cutting composites, glass fibers or Kevlar, note that mineral fibers are very abrasive and tend to wear blade edges at a different angle than Kevlar does. While the same pair of scissors or shears used to cut fiberglass may be used to cut graphite (carbon) fibers, avoid using them to cut Kevlar. 

Keep Blades Clean. When finished cutting, always clean residual fibers from blades. Acetone is recommended for dissolving and removing prepreg resins, urethane, adhesives, epoxies etc. 



Cut Kevlar, Composites, Fiberglass
72025DSB Both blades serrated.

KRETZER-FINNY ergonomic, lightweight stainless steel rust resistant models for KEVLAR (Aramid), Carbon Fibers, Fiberglass & Composites.   

* Select either one serrated blade model or models with both blades serrated.

* Blades are ice tempered for extra hardness assuring long life and maximum cutting power.  

* Large handles with soft, rubber inserts provide a comfortable slip-proof grip and allow use with a glove. 

* Adjustable pivot screw permits tension modification.  * Ambidextrous design allows correct cutting with either hand.   

* Choose for doffing fabric, cutting tow rope, sliver, staple fibers; narrow fabrics, webbing and cordage.

72025S Kretzer-Finny Shears. Pointed tips. 11¼" x 4½" cut.

72025SB Kretzer-Finny Shears. Blunted tips.   $42.60
 Single blade serrated models.

72025DS Kretzer-Finny Shears. Pointed tips.   

72025DSB Kretzer-Finny Shears. Blunted tips.   $43.65
 Both blade edges serrated to assure a firm grip on slippery materials.

High leverage lightweight stainless Kevlar cutter.
4˝ ounces of solid cutting power!

73020SB Blunted tips model.
Safety tips to avoid injury doffing tow band or cloth.

High Leverage Shears. Large handle and short shank provide better control and extra cutting power. Serrated blade assures a firm grip. Integral wire cutting notch and pliers.

An excellent choice for cutting Kevlar stitches and yarns or trimming and notching Kevlar cloth and similar difficult to cut materials. 8" x 2¾" cut.

73020 Shears. Pointed tips. $29.15
73020B Shears. Blunted tips. $31.05
73020DS Shears. Both blades serrated. Pointed tips. $32.70
73020DSB Shears. Both blades serrated. Blunted tips. $33.50

IMPORTANT For proper maintenance, please return your shears to us. We have the skills and equipment to correctly sharpen the blades and restore the serrations. All work is done internally and is fully guaranteed. For details, click here


Short high leverage model.
Blunted safety tips.

Model 73718B. Blunted tips.
Serrated integral blade.

Short High Leverage Pattern. Large handle and short shank provide better control and extra cutting power. Serrated integral blade assures a firm grip. Originally designed for florists, shears include an integral wire cutter with cutting notch and stem holder.  

An excellent choice for cutting Kevlar tow or narrow fabric, or trimming and notching cloth. 7" x 1¼" cut.

73718 Shears. Pointed tips. $31.65
73718B Shears. Blunted safety tips. $33.65
73718F Shears. Fully rounded safety tips. $34.10
Replacing solid metal handles with synthetic material results in shears that weigh considerably less. Lighter weight shears require less pressure to use. The fatigue, muscle ache and risk of neuromuscular disease associated with repeated cutting tasks is substantially reduced. Blades on Fiskars lightweight shears are made to industrial grade standards. Blade integrity, hardness and edge life, is as good or better than traditional solid steel models, regardless of weight or gauge. 

Note the new Fiskars Softgrip® cushion handle and Softouch® ergonomic models.

Select Fiskars to accomplish cutting tasks more easily, accurately and efficiently, with less effort and greater safety. All models have adjustable pivot screws. FISKARS fatigue reducing shears cut as well or better than solid steel models that weigh twice as much.


We service what we sell. Click here.

      New! Fiskars Titanium Nitride Softgrip® Shears

Extra large handles.
Cuts tough materials.

* Precisely ground stainless steel blades coated with industrial titanium nitride for longer lasting edges that resist corrosive chemicals and sticky adhesives. Ideal for wet processing applications. 

* Award winning advanced ergonomic design includes extra-large handles suited to gloved hands. 

* Adjustable pivot screws for controlling tension.   

* Larger handle for greater leverage, control and use with gloves.  

* An excellent choice for tough, dense and heavy fabrics, laminates, webbing, belting, leather, rubber and plastic sheeting. 

* Both blades serrated. Choose for cutting the strongest materials, including Kevlar (aramid), carbon fibers, fiberglass and composites. These shears firmly grip material assuring clean cuts without binding.
12-7172 Shears. Pointed tips. 10½" x 4½" cut. $32.00
12-7172B Blunted tips.$34.90
12-7172K Pointed, knife edge.$36.20
12-7172BK Blunted, knife edge.$36.25

IMPORTANT If you are cutting composites, glass fibers or Kevlar, read this.
Mineral fibers are very abrasive and tend to wear blade edges at a different angle than Kevlar does. While the same pair of scissors or shears used to cut fiberglass may be used to cut graphite (carbon) fibers, avoid using them to cut Kevlar. Keep Blades Clean. When finished cutting, always clean residual fibers from blades. Acetone is recommended for dissolving and removing prepreg resins, urethane, adhesives and epoxies.



                             CLAUSS HIGH LEVERAGE SHEARS

High Leverage Shears.
Longer shanks and shorter blades for maximum cutting power. More efficient than regular straight trimmers. Select for cutting thick or dense materials. 

Thoroughly hardened, hot hammer forged carbon steel, for long life and repeated sharpening. Double-plated chrome over nickel for superior rust resistance.

Clauss 11200C high leverage shears.
Longer shanks, shorter blades.

11200CS Pointed, serrated integral blade. 8" x 2⅞" cut.$20.45
11200CSK Serrated, knife edge.$21.05
11200CSB Blunted tips, serrated integral blade.$20.80
11200CSBK Blunted, serrated, knife edge.$21.45

Extra High Leverage Model. Powerful cutters ideal for zippers, cordage, leather belting, webbing.
More power, less fatigue.
Strong, heavy gauge steel.

11100CS Pointed, serrated integral blade. 7¾" x 2" cut.$16.45
11100CSK Serrated, knife edge.$19.55
11100CSB Blunted tips, serrated integral blade.$19.35
11100CSBK Blunted, serrated, knife edge.$20.00


                 Eberly High Leverage Stainless Steel Kevlar Cutters

Cutting blade edges on these shears have been
revised to correctly and efficiently cut Kevlar and composites.

Eberly high leverage shears. Longer shanks and shorter blades for maximum cutting power. More efficient than regular straight trimmers. The choice for cutting thick or dense materials.

* Made entirely from hot drop-forged hjgh-carbon stainless steel.
* Correctly hardened to 58HRC for long-lasting edges.
* Adjustable pivot screw for easy tension adjustment.
* Blade edges modified for correctly cutting Kevlar and composites.
* Serrated integral blades provide a firm grip for cutting slippery engineered materials. 

Solid, hot-forged high carbon steel.
High leverage model for greater cutting power.

4109 Pointed tips. 9" x 3" cut.   $46.55
4109S Serrated edge blade.  $48.70 
4109DS Both blades serrated. $49.80
4109SB Serrated, blunt tips$49.20
4109DSB Both blades serrated, blunt tips.$50.30
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SERRATED BLADE MAINTNEANCE. To assure correct sharpening of serrated edge blades, please ship your shears to us for service. CLICK HERE


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